Warlords IV: Heroes of Etheria

The fourth iteration of our grand strategic series introduces lots of new troops, races and the innovative tactical Speed Combat System. You can even play its epic campaign in either single or coop mode.



Turn-based strategy

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The award-winning Warlords franchise continues with an all-new turn-based strategy game, featuring a new tactical combat system and the player-created heroes that Warlords fans have come to expect.

The critically acclaimed Warlords turn-based strategy series continues with Warlords IV: Heroes of Etheria. Players will be challenged by the deep, strategic gameplay and discover a more immersive way to play with the new tactical combat system. In the tradition of Warlords, there will be 10 sides, over 60 units, and in-depth battles featuring player-created heroes. The capital city can be improved with buildings that give the player a variety of special bonuses. In addition to the random maps, Warlords IV: Heroes of Etheria includes a strategic, nonlinear, single-player campaign for a huge variety of victory conditions. For a multiplayer experience, play it on the ubi.comâ„¢ gaming service for up to eight players. Create a hero and lead armies into an epic battle for the land of Etheria.

Game Features
Speed tactical system: Innovative new combat resolution system greatly speeds up combat and allows smoother control of units.

Persistent warlord: Your warlord improves after every battle, and the same warlord can be used in campaign, skirmish, or multiplayer.

Extensive city-building options: Including a special city screen where individual buildings may be chosen and planned.

All-new, lush, 3D-rendered height-mapped terrain: Dozens of terrain and animation effects.

10 sides and over 60 units: For epic battles.

Award-winning AI: At both strategic and tactical levels.

Customized maps: Build your own to play against the AI or your friends using the built-in Warlords IV editor.

Multiplayer for up to eight players: Using ubi.com’s gaming service.