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    To be Fair, I purchased a new CD of WBC3 thru Amazon for 10 Coins of dollar gold not knowing that it had been Modified?! 103.5 It was with Hope, Steve & Crew perhaps may reap a Royalty... So perhaps you collected your portion also?

    If not, then You and Steve can Sue the Behemoth and its Pirating collaborators UGI and become Fabulously rich and be UNobstructed in the Quests of Improvement of My World!

    As Discovered


    I possess the Evidence and shall keep it safe.

    In my younger days I got the girl and took her here

    And for those who are UN aware, I bring this scroll from many Dark Days:

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    If you have a copy from a game store it's likely you have an older copy of the mod before I added the Gnoll Race and updated a whole crap load of stuff. Go here and Dl the newer version--->

    My portion? Nope I recieve no money for 1035 being in copies wbc3 the mod was a free download on the web and it's inclusion on various webstores bore no finicial benefit to me and my little family ( I have 2 childen). But I do hope that Steve and Company still recieve something for their game being sold and as long as they get something that's ok. If you like the mod and would like to support me you can check out my indie games on Itchio.
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    I also make indiegames under the name BelowZeroGames

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