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    Is WBC2 better than WBC3?

    First of all, today I have a day off! How nice So I thought to myself why not playing WBC again. It's been quite a while since Iast time....But I can't decide which titel?
    I like them both, but I think part 2 is nicer than part 3.
    Is it because of the nice Game Design? It's way easier for your eyes to play, to see everything within a second compared to part3. Part3 is a bit overpainted so to say. (Just in comparison to part 2..)
    I can't quite tell, help me here, I want to know why I prefer WBC2, thank you

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    I felt the in game hero leveling was the only real positive to WBC3. The system is simpler and thus superior for various reasons, but it also lacks a lot of character as a result, so the hero system itself is more of a wash in my view. Most of the new additions to 3 were simply broken. Poison magic, even with timed summons, is simply epic. Summoning a swarm of spider queens and putting them to rampant at game start is an obscenity. The sides are in no way balanced against each other, and the changes to armor and critical hits did a great deal of damage to the balance between high value and low value melee.

    The original had epic balance problems that were minimized, although certainly not perfected, by the second iteration, but all of that basically went out the window with 3 as a major redesign with nowhere near the resources needed to actually get it where it needed to go.

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    I haven't played WB 1 much just some campaign, so I can't say about balance problems , but
    for example games like Civilization V or IV they are not balanced as many other many nations/heroes strategies.
    About topic I can say WB 2 is hard even for veterans ,which makes is attractive . Of course ,having hero without potions already harder etc
    So if WB 2 had more classes/races, mines looking like WB 3 mines twould better game .
    Not to mention campaign battles which sometimes are so hard WB 3 never has such intensive feel

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