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    Quote Originally Posted by Frozenepic View Post
    Alright, I'll take a jab at policy ideas. I am a Civ player myself (been loving the series since the third game) so it's nice to see a mod for one of my favorite games. (I'm also going to assume that this is for BNW and G&K)
    Oh, good point, I forgot to mention it will use BOTH expansions. It'll also use most of the mini-packs, but I'll make a Lite version that uses only the base game and the 2 big expansions.

    Perhaps the policy trees could correspond to certain alignments, in this case, Good, Evil, and Neutral. There can be three for good, three for evil, and three for neutral. Certain races only have access to their policies that correspond to their alignment, such as Knights only having access to the good and neutral policies, and Undead only having access to evil and neutral policies. The neutral races have access to all of the policies, although that idea is pending and haven't thought about it much.[/QUOTE]
    I like that. Very much. FA's Faerun used the three Ideologies to lock out Political Abilities (Spells in Faerun) to certain alignments.
    I'll ruminate on your idea for a while.

    All in all, as said, basic scratched up ideas, but it's just my small idea list. Good luck with the mod, and hopefully you recieve the support you deserve along the journey. I do wonder if you are working alone on this, however. (Aside from giving ideas)
    Yep, working alone. As for the unit models, though, I have a friend who will help with some awesome units.

    This was a good idea, but please, if anyone has more ideas don't be shy!!
    Go crazy.

    On another note: Is there any other WBC (any version; or Warlords) forum I can post on to look for extra support?

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    Try forums for the Warlords Battlecry series. People still venture there so I would definitely get an account and talk about it there! A lot of people would show interest, I imagine.

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    Great idea!
    I'm trying to post there, but the session is expiring every time I try to create the thread. :\

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    Well, city names and some Leader names will have to allow some liberty. I don't know if there is enough information on either.

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    There is certainly more than enough information on city names in warlords games (the warlords 3 campaigns in particular).
    With the import tools in WBC3, we can do it in under 5 minutes... but how to use the tools properly is secret known only to myself, Janeen, and a few ancient monks cloistered in cave somewhere in northern Latvia


    I always had something of a monk in me. Now I know.

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    The Undead is in alpha stage testing!

    Usually a Civilization uses between 15 and 20 city names. I don't believe there is even that amount of different locations (17 races times 15 cities minimum) in all games, TBS, Puzzle and RTS.

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    Sounds interesting.

    How do you do the units? 2D sprites? Last I checked CIV5 used 3D models...

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    The Undead is already being playtested. Seems good.

    While the Undead are being playtested and bug-squashed, the Empire is now on the oven.
    Here, a design peak:
    UA: Awe of the Sun - Adopting a new Policy Tree starts an 8-turn Golden Age. Each kill generates Culture.
    UB: Archway - Replaces the Market. +50% Gold instead of 25%. Allows the Production of Mercenary* units.
    UU: RedMage - Replaces the Trebuchet and is available at Education. Have only +130% damage against Cities and lower Combat Strength, but does not need to set up before firing. Has the Ring of Fire ability, which damages all enemy units in a circle around the Red Mage.

    *Mercenary is any random unit in the game, including Uniques, but excluding those from Civs you’re at war with. They start with the Demotion “Fresh Mercenary” which reduces Combat Strength by 15% until the first battle.

    About the units, Faestus, I couldn't make the transition from 2D-3D without taking some artistic liberties, so many of the units are somewhat different (sometimes doesn't even remember, as is the case with the Vampire below). That's not a bad thing though, for obvious reasons.
    Here is a screen shot of the Vampire Unique Unit and the Skeleton together (ignore the unit flags):

    In retrospect, I shouldn't have took a screenshot with the white unit model (skeleton) over a white resource (salt). hehe
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    I've actually been thinking about doing something along these lines with mount and blade for awhile, while anyhow i would love to help you code or work on the maps and lore for the project so feel free to email me at if you're still looking for help.

    Also it might just be easier to mod masters of magic instead of civ

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    The Undead and Dark Dwarf civilizations are already done and tested, they are already for download at the CivFanatics, but once I get the High Elf out too I'll make a (more) public download available.
    The first pack (composed of 4 Civilizations) is almost ready, too. The remaining civs are: High Elf and [either an Evil or Neutral race].

    Quote Originally Posted by starlessred View Post
    I've actually been thinking about doing something along these lines with mount and blade for awhile, while anyhow i would love to help you code or work on the maps and lore for the project so feel free to email me at if you're still looking for help.
    That's very kind of you, thanks.

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