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    Warlords BattleCiV

    If you want to help, please say so, I'm working alone for far too long!
    I'm looking for people with ideas and time for testing. If you code, even better, if you don't, I mind not.

    I am working on a Total Conversion mod for Civ5 based on WBC (mostly WBC3), but I need a few information that I can't find on the wikia - although that helped a lot already.
    Since it is a Total Conversion, I'll take many liberties, including how Workers will be able to help and the application of the well known Resources.

    If anyone want to contribute with ideas or even coding, please let me know.
    I made a few changes already, like the Victory Conditions:

    Victory Conditions
    Magical- Complete all of Naka Tokei’s requests.
    Diplomacy- Same as Diplomatic victory.Not possible anymore, Votes are now a tool, not an end.
    Military-Obtain all original Capitals.
    Economics-Have a Copy of every Luxury in the map.
    Cultural-Just like normal Tourism victory. Not possible anymore, Tourism (called Acclaim) is now a tool, not an end.
    Seals - Uncover and crack or dominate all 4 Seals.

    After researching “Master of Magic” (final research in the Magic branch of the "tech" tree), the player is then able to ‘call’ (train) Naka Tokei (“Master of All”), which will stay under a player’s control for only a turn. While Tokei is with a player, no other player may call for Naka Tokei.
    The Master of All is a very powerful unit, but is specially tuned for the Magical victory. There are three Missions exclusive to Tokei:

    • Riddle me This… Answer a riddle from the Master of All.
      • There will be 30 riddles, and more will be added from time to time.

    • Enemy of my Enemy Hunt down a beast from Naka Tokei’s bestiary.
      • The beast will either be very hard to kill or very hard to find.
      • Whenever a Hunting quest is given, Naka Tokei will give the player some advices on either how to kill or how to find the beast.

    • A Quest! Heavily varies in content.
      • There will be plenty of Quests, with a few being race-specific and align-specific.
      • Quests must be harder than both of those previous quests.
        • Examples:
          • Conquer all remaining City-State’s of type (TYPE).
          • Make all other players DoW on enemy X (only available in Standard or bigger maps).
          • Be the most Happy Civilization and do not produce Military units (for X turns).

      • All quests are time-sensitive.

    Failing a mission will make Tokei mad, unabling that Civ to call him for a few turns.
    Succeeding will have Tokei bless the player (bonuses!).

    To crack or dominate a Seal, you must achieve a certain condition:
    Seal of War
    Crack - Must be the first Seal to be cracked. All other Civs are at permanent War with you.
    Dominate - Must be the last Seal to be dominated. Destroy the random Titan that appears.
    Effect: Relationships between Civs are strained. City-States’ Influence decreases faster.

    Seal of Famine
    Crack - Kill a Hero 20 turns (scalable with Speed) after opening the Seal.
    Dominate - Cannot be at War. Sacrifice a Hero on the Seal.
    Effect: -1 Food in all tiles (may become negative). All Cities lose 2 Citizens, even if it would destroy them.

    Seal of Death
    Crack - Kill 100 enemies of level 4 or higher. (no time limit)
    Dominate - Sacrifice 9 level 10 Unique Units on the Seal and on adjacent tiles.
    Effect: All non-Unique and non-Titan units take 3 damage per turn outside of borders.

    Seal of Plague
    Crack - The Lair of Anthargh’s Spawn appears in the map. Get all 3 of it’s Riddles right.
    Dominate - The Lair of Anthargh’s Spawn appears in the map. Kill the Spawn.
    Effect: Great People spawn rating reduced by 40%. Any unit spawned has a 10% chance to die.

    There is more - like the Hero system - in the Google Doc. If you want to help, please say so, I'm working alone for more than 2 years now!


    [Note: This are Civilization packs for the normal game, no changes are made to the core mechanics in order to play these civs. The Total Conversion is still a very early WiP (work in progress), hence why I need a (few) hand(s).]

    Warlords BattleCiv Pack-I
    - DLL VariousModComponents from v70 onwards.
    - Community Patch (not BALANCE patch)
    (You can't have more than one Mod with a DLL file at a time, if you have one DISABLE IT before using one of the above)

    Warlords BattleCiv Pack-II [Steam] v2.0
    Requires: Warlords BattleCiV Pack I

    Warlords BattleCiv Pack-III [Steam] v2.0
    Requires: Warlords BattleCiV Pack II

    Warlords BattleCiv Pack-IV [Steam] v1.0
    Requires: Warlords BattleCiV Pack III

    Latest update notes
    (changed to the linked post in this same thread because of maximum amount of characters allowed)
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