Hi , i have a DEll latitute E6410 laptopt and i can't launch any WBC , II and III i could play them with my last laptop on seven too with compatbility mods and lower desktop resolution but here i can't decrease my resolution below 1024x768 , dunno why. can you guys help me to launch and play those awesomes games ?
here are the statr logs:
Logfile: C:\Users\MOI\Documents\Warlords Battlecry III\Startup.log
Created on: 13:14:54 - Sun, Jun 01, 2014
CPU Type: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 560 @ 2.67GHz
CPU Speed: Intel 2.6 GHz
CPU Dual: 0
Memory: 2048 Mb
OS: Windows 2000
DirectX: DirectX 9.0
Starting Warlords Battlecry III
Parsing the command line: <"C:\Program Files\Enlight\Infinite Interactive\Warlords Battlecry III\Battlecry III.exe" >
Initializing string library
Check the CD is in the drive
Found CD = 1, Drive = E:\
Graphics Adapter: Intel(R) HD Graphics
Graphics Driver: igdumdx32.dll
Supported Mode: 1024x768x16 (40Hz) (565)
Supported Mode: 1024x768x16 (60Hz) (565)
Testing game resolution (desktop res = 1024x706)
Initializing files & directories
Reading Help Status
Reading Advanced Options
Reading Standard Options
Checking hero data file
Files have been successfully initialized
Initializing Comms System
Comms System been successfully initialized
Initializing Resources
Adding Terrain Packs
Adding: Caverns.xcr
Adding: Desert Cliffs.xcr
Adding: Desert.xcr
Adding: Dirt.xcr
Adding: Grass Coast.xcr
Adding: Grass.xcr
Adding: High Dirt.xcr
Adding: High Grass.xcr
Adding: Jungle.xcr
Adding: Lava.xcr
Adding: Marsh.xcr
Adding: Mountains.xcr
Adding: Rock Cliffs.xcr
Adding: Rock Coast.xcr
Adding: Rock.xcr
Adding: Snow Coast.xcr
Adding: Snow.xcr
Adding: Water.xcr
Adding Feature Packs
Adding: DesertMisc.xcr
Adding: DesertTrees.xcr
Adding: DirtMisc.xcr
Adding: DirtTrees.xcr
Adding: GrassMisc.xcr
Adding: GrassPlants.xcr
Adding: GrassTrees.xcr
Adding: OtherMisc.xcr
Adding: SnowMisc.xcr
Adding: SnowTrees.xcr
Adding Side Packs
Adding: Barbarians.xcr
Adding: BarbariansVoicesEn.xcr
Adding: Daemons.xcr
Adding: DaemonsVoicesEn.xcr
Adding: DarkDwarves.xcr
Adding: DarkDwarvesVoicesEn.xcr
Adding: DarkElves.xcr
Adding: DarkElvesVoicesEn.xcr
Adding: DefaultVoicesEn.xcr
Adding: Dragons.xcr
Adding: DragonsVoicesEn.xcr
Adding: Dwarves.xcr
Adding: DwarvesVoicesEn.xcr
Adding: Empire.xcr
Adding: EmpireVoicesEn.xcr
Adding: Fey.xcr
Adding: FeyVoicesEn.xcr
Adding: Fliers.xcr
Adding: FliersVoicesEn.xcr
Adding: HighElves.xcr
Adding: HighElvesVoicesEn.xcr
Adding: Knights.xcr
Adding: KnightsVoicesEn.xcr
Adding: LairsShops.xcr
Adding: Minotaurs.xcr
Adding: MinotaursVoicesEn.xcr
Adding: Misc.xcr
Adding: MiscVoicesEn.xcr
Adding: Orcs.xcr
Adding: OrcsVoicesEn.xcr
Adding: Plaguelords.xcr
Adding: PlagueLordsVoicesEn.xcr
Adding: Resources.xcr
Adding: Siege.xcr
Adding: SiegeVoicesEn.xcr
Adding: Ssrathi.xcr
Adding: SsrathiVoicesEn.xcr
Adding: Swarm.xcr
Adding: SwarmVoicesEn.xcr
Adding: Temples.xcr
Adding: TemplesVoicesEn.xcr
Adding: TowersWalls.xcr
Adding: Undead.xcr
Adding: UndeadVoicesEn.xcr
Adding: WoodElves.xcr
Adding: WoodElvesVoicesEn.xcr
Adding Effect Packs
Adding: Effects1.xcr
Adding GameSpeech.xcr
Adding Assets\SoundFX.xcr
Adding Quest.xcr
Adding Graphics.xcr
Adding GText.xcr
Adding Portraits.xcr
Resources have been successfully initialized
Initializing the graphics system
Selected graphics mode 800x600x16
Main Window has been created
Initializing sound system
Opening channels
Checking for 3d provider
Initializing music system
Sound system complete
Read in XCG file
Initialize DirectDraw
Creating DirectDraw Object
Get Exclusive mode
Set Display mode

thanks for reading and for future help