Well, here it is WBC 1.03.25 Unofficial Patch

Here is the short list of changes:

* Increased stats of tier one flyers (bats, wasps)
* Increased cost of seige
* Dragon costs switched around with new resources
* General changes across units, typically less setup cost and better stats for low level, opposite high
* Elementals cost different resources
* Kharns tile set
* lots of sound fixes
* Illusion units have full stats but always miss
* Fixed swiftness on vamperism
* All generals produced at level 5 keep
* Temples changed, snake temples make dragons and sides general, celestial and infernal give 2 units depending on side
* Expanded tool tips explain my detail on special abilities
* Wizards have 50 more HP, Merchants 50 less
* Most stats for titans are effectively doubled

* Increase cost and build time for reaver
* Increased cost of Spear of Ank and income upgrades

* increased cost for imps and daemons
* reaper has shadow sound files from wbc2

Dark Dwarves:
* Stone golems vulnerable to cold instead of electric
* Seige craft, Dark Forge and Dark Alchemist upgrades cost increased

Dark Elves:
* Kargoth gate and imps buildable at keep 2 (upgrades still keep 4)
* Dark archers more expensive, Dark riders less and have +20 HP

* Basic infantry/archers cost less, slightly more resistant
* Dwarven brew more expensive

* Switched Squire and archer model
* Elephants cheaper
* Foreign Mercenary cheaper
* Palace guard and income upgrades more expensive

* Leprechaun Vulnerable to fire
* Many upgrades linked to keep level
* Income 4 and keep advancement more expensive

High Elves
* Dragon knight buffed
* Ice Priestess cost increase

* Archons cheaper, longer build time
* Knights cost less gold, more metal
* Crusade upgrades cheaper

* Gnolls cheaper with better stats
* Minotaur shamans do less damage
* Dwarven Brew more expensive

* Goblin Shamans do less damage
* No Pain! upgrade has large crystal cost added

Plague Lords
* Slimes gain pierce resistance
* Hydras cheaper and count as dragons
* Ice and fire cave upgrades removed
* Ghouls tougher to physical damage, less to elemental
* Virus upgrades cheaper

* can build basilisks
* Pterodactyls less stats, more cost

* Hive upgrades cheaper
* Scorpions resist slashing instead of peircing
* Level 2 hive can be built at keep 1, can build spiders and spider queens
* Significant increase to ant stats
* Bone catapults at keep level 2
* All buildings give +1 population limit

* Dark mithril cost increased

Wood Elf
* Oakmen Buildable ate tree of life keep 1
* Ancient treants gain increased view, less build time, higher cost
* Treants gain increased view, less build time
* Druid Pixie and sprite gain gold cost, but cost less crystal
* Glade warden gain gold cost and peircing vulnerability
* Wood Rider cheaper and better stats
* Bomaster upgrade cost decrease
* Trade upgrade cost decreased
* Magic well and white tree costs stone instead of crystal
* White tree buildable at keep 2, upgrades require keep 4

More than can be lited, mostly increases in stats and find chance, as well as many new items

* A.I. can't build hovels, morters, or supply depots
* Dragon fear does normal damage
* Explosive units do not damage targeted unit
* Hive production increase scorpion preist build time, but not spiders
* Husk isn't immune to status effects
* Wraiths and shadows don't float over water

Please read the inclosed readme for the full change log, this is a VERY condensed list.