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    I wonder what ever happened to WBC3Enthusiast? His mod was essentially a patch to continue on from where I2 left off, mostly aiming on fixing bugs. It would have been great if his mod did all that and added in some of those non-game-changing features that your mod contains, such as start locations listed on the map selection screen / those many, many editor improvements etc. Ah, how I miss those resource carts.

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    The can you guys help me out? I'm doing a project for school on the video game industry. Could y'all please do this survey I made? It only takes 2 minutes.
    Here's the link:

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    I have just joined this forum and am having the same problem of crashing when in ''me versus 5 emperors" mode after a lot of enemy troops/buildings are built. By limiting the mines to level 1 helps, but only allows more gameplay before the inevitable crash.
    I updated some months ago and was disappointed that my summoned creatures now die after a set time. Is there a fix for that, or do I need to uninstall & reload from disk?

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    The unofficial patches bring the summoning timer. Simply reinstall and don't apply those patches (1.03.21 - 23)
    With the import tools in WBC3, we can do it in under 5 minutes... but how to use the tools properly is secret known only to myself, Janeen, and a few ancient monks cloistered in cave somewhere in northern Latvia


    I always had something of a monk in me. Now I know.

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