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    Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign

    As many of you will probably have seen already, Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign is out on iOS and Android.

    Android: Google Play Link
    iOS: Australian App Store Link

    It's a lot of fun, we're really enjoying it. I highly recommend trying it out, especially if you're a comic fan, and especially because it's free-to-play!

    Here are a few more interesting links, you might enjoy:
    Gamezebo Walkthrough
    Heavy's Tips and Tricks
    Maclife Review

    We keep getting a couple of common questions, which I'll just answer here:

    1. Did Infinite develop the game?
    The game was developed by Demiurge, however we did consult on the design.

    2. But I thought Puzzle Quest belonged to Infinite?
    It does. But this was a great chance to help make a game based on our favorite comic characters! Meanwhile Infinite has been concentrating on something new.

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    Great app, but any information about Warlords Battlecry IV?

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    Its on steam now for PC as well.

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    Finally got a new phone that can play this game so I downloaded it. At 200 megs it's not a small game!

    I really enjoyed and had fun in the first set of missions. But I've found the 2nd mission to be mostly frustration.

    That's because now it's added a new gem type for team (clan) play and I don't belong to a team/clan and don't want to either so these gems now just are useless for me and get in the way. Thus what were once tense and exciting battles that I was winning have now become pure luck matches where I have to hope the drops don't add too many of these useless gems to the the board.

    Also I still have ZERO idea how to level my characters since there is no XP given for battle. So I am one minute a L1 character and the next I can jump to L5. Meanwhile others in my party are still L1 and despite my fighting more often with them in repeats of easier missions they never level up. Now I unlocked a L15 guy who is WAY out of whack with the rest of my party that is mostly L2-L5.

    It's a shame too because the storyline is very puzzlequestish and the battles were a slightly different take (few enemies take turns matching gems, rather they target a gem and give you X number of turns to remove it or else you take major damage) but fun as I liked racing to remove specific gems. But now that there are too many colors and the drops are often bad (esp if the bottom of the board is the target and there are no matches to make down there to help you) it's feels like pure luck rather than skill


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