now with II back in business, is there any chance we'll see the 1.03 Patch for the german Version of WBC3 someday?
It sadly was never released, and the 1.03 Patch doesn't work with the german version. I know that some years ago I created a workaround with help from Jodwin, which involved patching to 1.02 (german), copying some files out of the folder, patching to 1.03 and re-inserting the older files afterwards (and altering some files manually by adding/changing some config lines). This worked more or less, the items were english (as new ones were added you couldn't copy the old file), but the new DE buildings were there, however starting he new campaign map caused a crash.
I don't know if copyrights/access to source codes prevents the localization of the 1.03 patch to the german version... if not, I'd even volunteer to translate the item names/descriptions into german, together with new area descriptions or anything that was added through 1.03 (if that's why the 1.03 patch never appeared in german/french)...

Have a nice day