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    New Steve Fawkner Interview


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    thanks for posting. i hope gems of war is the TBS version of PQ1 but i was disappointed to read that there are no firm plans yet for W5 or WBC4. sounds like it may be quite a while before Steve & Co. even start working on a Warlords sequel.

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    Because of guys like you I play Computer games! And what more can I do to honor your great work than to spend a lot of time playing your games?? Great interview, best wishes to Melbourne from Austria / Graz! wargul16

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    But i rather play good game which i have to wait a long time than poor rushed mediocre game. All good for Infinite and Steve . I hope i'll hear about it when the next masterpiece is ready.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Separi View Post

    But i rather play good game which i have to wait a long time than poor rushed mediocre game. All good for Infinite and Steve . I hope i'll hear about it when the next masterpiece is ready.
    Yeah, absolutely! It's been years and still, we are many waving the Warlords flag!

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    Marvel puzzle is the game which are waiting for? .... pls resurrect Warlords universe turnbased or realtime, nevermind, just bring old good gameplay with new look(but no anime style as puzzle quest have).
    Good luck infinite-interactive.

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    a was surprisingly good game to learn from, should still offer valuable experience

    Thank you very much, Spiderman.

    Steve, you stated you want to learn from good games, and give us (W5 players) Clans and Metagame.
    Did you experience the spirit of a Clan yet or is it merely adding up points to you?
    I experienced the spirit of a Clan in Planetarion, Tribal Wars and Kingdoms of Camelot.
    None of them came close to Might and Magic Heroes Kingdoms (Season 1-3) in that respect.
    Ignore the name for the moment, plz., and think of it as a (down to) 15min. turn strategy (honestly!) RPG on Android with automatic tactical combat and an ingenious Metagame (especially Season 1-3).
    It is very much about gems (e.g. Asha's Tears), and ofc., war.
    Interesting Honor Rating.
    I can give details about how MMHK worked in what I consider it's golden age (Collect 13 Tears, add up benefits).
    When it got overcommercialized and victory conditions changed, I quit.
    It is free to play and some extra features are currently free, too.
    Do you want to experience the sensation of what is left until the game shuts down in a few months?
    If you need me to confirm the second part ot this post's title or help founding a clan, let me know.

    The Clan system (most likely unchanged) synergizes with the long term objectives the Clans are given by the (W5: meta-)game, and lets some members rise to the occasion.
    The winner was the clan who ended the game by defending its achievements, players had three ratings (power, wealth, honor). (Level Up system favoured different ones of those in different phases of the game.)
    I never experienced a player betray his Clan in MMHK (it was common in Planetarion).
    The Clan is your home, you mutually defend your land. I consider defending your territory an instinkt, like pattern matching.
    (The Clan agrees how high it wishes to place, which means to use to get theree, makes a rough plan.)
    Players were happy with the victory conditions, as far as i can tell.
    The game was supposed to tell an epic story, though, so the devs felt the urge for a change.
    Pre change you decided to either go (first) the way of power, way of wealth or way of honor.
    Who was closest to the goal was chosen freely by the Clan, who gave you support to get your magic gem and build a special building with it.
    (That had nice benefits for the player and for he Clan.)
    Each clan could only build one of those buildings at a time, so the other players got some time to get ready.

    It's successor is from Blue Byte and (currently) uses only friends lists.
    With it's roundbased tactical combat, I consider it easy prey for you.

    As making a browser game is much more flexible than patches and starts to earn quicker that may even turn out to be your first stage in returning to Warlords (BC) stuff.

    Players interested in crowdfunding could experience the browser game and be told the differences, then. The browser game could even offer part of the kickstarter rewards (instantly).

    Consider pricing the browser game like a game client:

    tutorial = free (I would prefer you or the Community to add free content to the free game later, though)
    basic version: to be paid once, the whole basic content is unlocked with one payment.
    expansion 1: to be paid once, the whole expansion 1 content is unlocked with one payment.
    expansion 2: you get the idea
    (Optional: Tell the players they pay to get the expansion content now and the one with the basic version may get it for free later. That way some stuff may vanish, some may become basic later. You can still give them compensation, in case. Like basic players may use the expansíon units, but that game will not appear on the ladders.)

    Events: stuff of temporally nature, or stuff to be betatested, even when the game isn't beta anymore.
    Some events may offer temporal content to everybody and special ladders (as single special reward) for players who buy a ticket for a closed tournament with that content. (=pay to be remembered)

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