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    Invisible Troops Problems - WBC 1,2 or 3

    Hey guys,

    We occasionally get folks writing to our support email who have a problem with WBC (1,2 or 3) on the latest operating systems. The problem often involves troops being invisible.

    Has anybody out there experienced this problem and then solved it?

    (In particular, I'm helping a fellow Warlord at the moment who is having some issues with invisible troops on WBC1, and we're both at a bit of a loss for what to try next)



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    Compatibility mode is the key to solving this one. You right click on the desktop icon select troubleshoot compatibility then troubleshoot program then select Program ran on an earlier version of windows then you select the version of windows that the game worked on previously I used Windows XP because my old computer has all the Battlecry games on it and runs XP. This solved the invisible troops issue I was having with Warlords Battlecry 3 and I'm assuming it will solve issues with the first game.

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    I saw somewhere on internet that problem is RAM memory or something..... that you need to set some settings in windows in order to run it or use patch for WBC3

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    When the creative lead is having trouble with this, you know the problem must be serious.

    I dunno about these problems, but for the copy from GoG works just fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by old times View Post
    I saw somewhere on internet that problem is RAM memory or something....
    That's right. This problems occurs if you have large memory (more than 3 gb).
    It was fixed with unofficial patch.

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    I've gotten the original to work in Windows 7 x64 Bit.

    Had it under:
    - Windows 98 Compatibility
    - Disable Desktop composition
    - Disable Visual themes

    The only issue is no start screen music, and having to recreate a hero after every match. IE the game doesn't pick up the file pathing?

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