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    I think you should do a Poll Steve to decide which game to develop first Warlords 5 or Battlecry 4!

    I personally want Battlecry 4 more then anything.


    Like I said in the other thread about Warlords 5,


    Keep the amount of races currently, including the new WBC3 races (Ssrathi, Plaguelord, Swarm) and even add in newer ones.

    Definitely improve the editor, it's the easiest one i've ever used & been able to create some brilliant things from. All it needs is a pile of new tiles and things like that and maybe give the events option a good tweaking and it'd be perfect.

    Maps aren't really important if I'm honest, I've created so many of my own maps with my own little tweaks on I rarely play the Vanilla ones anymore. If you had WBC4 on Steam you could use Steam Workshop to open your fans up to downloadable maps from the community as well as mods. Steam is so simple to keep the community active,

    @Old Times I love your idea about the customization in terms of the hero, maybe take a page from Terraria and allow the armour you wear to either appear on your avatar or not at all (but still provide the effects). I don't agree however with your MP only unlocks, I personally don't agree with having to play the game to unlock stuff, I prefer it to be ready to go from the get go.

    The reason why i say this and especially in terms of this RTS/RPG game it'd be unfair if I had a strong sword from playing more MP Matches then anyone else so it gives me the advantage. Rewarding the players that do well isn't a good option in my opinion.

    I'm not concerned however about the Online, I've always played Warlords over LAN with my friends and that is the way I'll most likely keep it. Consider *POSSIBLY* Achievements and make them pretty hard and plentiful, they'd be easily implemented through Steam.

    One of the main things I loved was the chaotic battles, If Warlords could have a massive number of AI on the battlefield at once with huge maps which be brilliant. An example, WBC3 supported 6 player matches and when all on Emperor it got hectic, challenging but overall was great fun. I believe WBC4 should support more since computers have moved on ALOT since it came out, I would really enjoy to see a 30 man game (the most I've ever played it 12 player on Age of Mythology or Sins of the Solar Empire or the turn based Civilisation V 22 player match. Note all 3 mentioned games are top selling & really are brilliant games) with every single race in the game in a pitched 15 vs 15 battle (unless you add more races). Having the option there would be so good. I do miss developers going all out on their games.

    Difficulty wise, consider the adaptive difficulty role. Keep the usual Squire, Knight, Lord, Warlord, Emperor as they were brilliant set pieces to play from. However after level 10 or so Warlord started to become the main difficulty I played on as I found it too easy.

    Adaptive difficult

    - This idea would be based on your heroes level rather then the preset difficulties, the game will decide how many bonuses and how well the computer should play depending on your level ( which could potentially be tweaked). So if you have a level 5 hero then the computer will decide to play the game on a Knight difficulty with +5% resource/construction time bonus. Then if a player thought that would be too easy or too hard, they could set the game to "Adaptive easier" so then the computer is scaled lower "adaptive normal" would be roughly the same level and "adaptive hard & very hard & hardest" would be matching you alot higher. Hardest could go up to 35% bonuses + more depending on the level.

    That is just an idea, I believe it'll rule out the idea of "oh once I get to this level the game isn't a challenge anymore". It should in theory elimiate that all together and provide a challenging ai all the time.

    Ai Heroes

    One issue I always ALWAYS found with any of the Battlecry games is the AI stomping into your base and getting shot by tough towers, killed by lair units or just getting stuck on general terrain.

    Maybe make an AI script which keeps the hero near the base at all times or whilst he travels he always takes a large escort to convert the mines but never fights directly in combat.

    Its always upsetting seeing level 50 merchants get murdered because they ran too close to my towers.

    I do however LOVE the ai files you can get such as Siegemaster for the Dark Dwarves, they made the game completly different & and a sometimes a superb challenge.

    I could honestly post ideas for days about Battlecry, I've wanted the 4th one so much I've even asked myself how much it would cost to get you guys to make it out of my own wallet.

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    What I would like to see in Warlords Battlecry 4 is a return to the WBC2 conquest campaign. The risk style layout and progressive difficulty made it highly re-playable. Also keep whoever did the artwork for the series so far they are really good.

    Mainly I would say stick to the strong points of the series. Customizable persistent heroes, a huge selection of races, excellent random map generator, and a solid single player experience. Also maybe put a generate random map button in the editor. It took me forever to find out that you could generate random maps in the editor by pressing the alt key at the new scenario screen. Which reminds me, make sure you document somewhere in the game what all the hot-keys and hidden function keys are.

    I don't know if you plan on switching from a 2-D format to a 3-D format but if you can help it I would suggest sticking to 2-D because once you transition to 3-D in strategy games you lose a lot of features and ai functioning and intelligence usually suffers as well (path finding in particular). As others have said the custom ai variants were great and it would be nice to see a return of those.

    Warlords battlecry 3 had a custom music application at one point, that would be a nice addition to Warlords battlecry 4.

    Additional creature lairs would be a good addition. Maybe fey, elf, minotaur or human lairs?

    I have really enjoyed this series and look forward to any future games you produce. Keep up the good work and best of luck.

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    @JohnJohn Those are some great points,

    Especially about the transition from 2-D to 3-D. I never did think about the AI, I have to agree fully that the AI always suffers in fully 3D games compared to 2D.

    Expanding on your additional creature lairs, just provide a pile of buildings for us to choose from then a custom setting to what we want to be spawned maybe?

    You can press ALT in the editor? OMG. I didn't know about this! Oh well I prefer to build from scratch anyway
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    Most impressive things of WBC (3 in particular) are IMO: graphics, music, lore. Add those ingredients in any other upcoming game and I'll buy it.

    I don't like PQ anime style graphics, but music is still kind of on the right path. Lore is kept which is greatness sauce to my tongue!

    In short keep wbc a less childish/ more serious game (PG rating). I think that is for the best.
    With the import tools in WBC3, we can do it in under 5 minutes... but how to use the tools properly is secret known only to myself, Janeen, and a few ancient monks cloistered in cave somewhere in northern Latvia


    I always had something of a monk in me. Now I know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Altomyhrr View Post
    Don't focus on graphics enhancements. Keep the requirements easy enough to play on a laptop. The gameplay is vital. Some of the best games ever (including yours), don't lose their appeal over time just because the graphics aren't the current state of the art. The replayability and accessibility drive the desire to keep playing.
    Another thought I had (maybe this is way out there, but it would add an intriguing twist), Rogue Titans that appear later in the game and require enemies to temporarily unite to defeat this errant threat before he destroys everyone's world. He might even calculate who is offering the least support toward defeating him and make that person the focus of his immediate destruction.
    How about having neutral residents of things like the Celestial Temples on guard , so you have to defeat them first before you can convert the temples.
    you are right but I think WBC 3 have beautiful chraphics,its colorfull,sharp,rich sight,even trough its not full 3d so its not like games dont need good graphic becose I liked the wbc 3 graphics,it isnt bad looking game

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    Methinks heroes with ranged attack would be nice.

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    No crashes while playing.

    Keep the summoned units free to live until they are killed, because WBC is not Warcraft. (So, no timer)

    Boats, because traveling on the sea is cool.

    Campain as in WBC 1.

    Good actors for translating voices in other languages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VIC View Post
    No crashes while playing.

    Keep the summoned units free to live until they are killed, because WBC is not Warcraft. (So, no timer)
    The first point I much agree with, however that is due to Battlecry 3 being a bit of a rushed game & not probably managing its memory. The main error is having too many units on screen and the game not understanding how much RAM it needs to allocate. Ahatch released a mod which ups the amount of RAM which is used.

    Keeping the Summoned units on a timer is a balance feature which stops people raising huge armies at the start of the match and swamping your base. Aka, my Daemon summoner at around level 20 could summon alot of quasits quickly and destroy your towers (since they are quick units) and most likely kill your hero.

    I guess you could counter it with your own spells and stuff but what if your a merchant with no warrior or mage potential?

    Quote Originally Posted by anger_muffin View Post
    Methinks heroes with ranged attack would be nice.

    Although the Pyromancer does get the Fire Missile ability. I believe this would be a nice feature HOWEVER it'd become incredibly overpowered. Unless you made it so it was an item you had to equip which had a set amount of damage which I think would work very well. You could have a rare bow which does more damage up to 30/40 dmg maximum.

    Its the reason to why the Fire Missile halves your range damage otherwise you'd have some incredibly strong Minotaur archer heroes!

    Im enjoying the amount of activity on the forums I hope it increases!
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    Things that i would add/change/improve in WB4

    - Multiplayer Online. (THIS IS A MUST !!!)
    Create an Account Online: Choose and Customize your type of Hero, and Choose your Class.
    The server automatically create's a profile p/account.
    Online Account/Hero Profile: Your Country Flag, Number of Victories and Defeats, Most played Race, Trophies, Honer Icons.
    Online Features: Chat system, Create/Join a Channel and Clans, Invite players, Add Friends to your list.
    Playing Online: Ranked/Ladder Matches (1x1 and 2x2), Tournament/Event Matches, Friendly/Custom Matches.
    Ranked/Ladder Matches: Records the results of the match in your profile, and as you win games, you gain experience points, levels, and Honer Icons. Balancing: The server automatically match you up with another player of similar skill/level. Cheating: Users found cheating risk having their accounts terminated.
    Tournament/Event Matches: Winner(s) gain special gifts, trophies and special icons. This matches are temporarily disabled until new events.
    Friendly/Custom Matches: This matches are just friendly and dont interfere in your profile. You can invite your friends to a Queue, choose the map, choose the rules, and have fun. Also, if you are a good map creater, you can host your map here and play with your friends.
    Leaderboard: A Leaderboard is a way for players to know where they rank within the game's community.
    Replay System: The game automatically records and save the last match.
    Replay Viewer: Watch your saved replays

    well, this is pretty much what i have in mind for WB4 Online Features.

    Gameplay Changes:
    - Heroes Balance: I think the heroes system should be reworked and really really balanced for not been such overpowered and unfair compared to units, cuz i remenber in WB3, rushing the enemy base, destroying everything in my way, only with my lvl 100 Necro solo, even huge group of units and Titans. im really worried about this, in order to make this game more competitive.

    -Starting Units: in my opinion, we should start the match only with our hero... or our hero and a couple workers, for provide early rush and make the game more balanced, cuz it dosent make sense start with 7/8 strong units, just my opinion.

    -Map Editor: Map Editor should be improved for a better map creations.

    -Item Mechanics: When a hero equip an item, (like a sword, helm, armor, shield) the item are showed in his hand or body.

    -Races: Im gonna be honest, this is one of my favorite RTS cuz of the vast numer of races ! Adding 4 new races to WB4, makes a total of "20" races !!! 20 Races would be so FREAKING EPIC !!!

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    New Races Ideas/Suggestions for WB4

    In my previous post, when i was talking about races, i mentioned adding 4 new ones with the 16 WB3 for a total of 20 playable races in a future WB4.

    Here's my ideas for race types:
    -The first race
    is an water type, like creatures of the sea. Deadly walking sharks, octopus, crab warriors, turtles etc....

    -The second race is an ice glacial type, like crystal golems, polar bears, mors hunters etc....

    -The third race could it be a "Bird type", like eagle warriors, falcon arches, vulture assassins etc....

    -And finally for the last race, i have 3 suggestions: Pirates, Arcane, or Pandas.

    Hope you enjoy

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