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Thread: Forum Rules

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    Post Forum Rules

    To make sure everyone gets the best possible experience from the Infinite Interactive forums, please follow the following simple rules:

    1. Respect Others
    Do not discriminate or put down others for whatever reason.

    2. No Spamming

    Links to related pages are fine, but please don't use the forum to promote anything unrelated (I'm looking at you, spambots!). Anyone who signs up only to post spam will be instantly banned.

    3. No Unrelated Site Links in Signatures
    We're happy for you to link to sites related to our games, or your personal website/blogs in your signatures. But any links to unrelated sites that are effectively advertising will not be tolerated and will result in a warning or a ban (if you are a new user).

    4. Respectful Language
    Please try not to swear or use other inappropriate words or phrases.
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