As many of you will probably have seen already, Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign is out on iOS and Android.

Android: Google Play Link
iOS: App Store Link

It’s a lot of fun, we’re really enjoying it. I highly recommend trying it out, especially if you’re a comic fan, and especially because it’s free-to-play!

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We keep getting a couple of common questions, which I’ll just answer here:

1. Did Infinite develop the game?
The game was developed by Demiurge, however we did consult on the design.

2. But I thought Puzzle Quest belonged to Infinite?
It does. But this was a great chance to help make a game based on our favorite comic characters! Meanwhile Infinite has been concentrating on something new.

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We’d like to wish all our fans a Happy New Year. 2013 will be a big year for Infinite Interactive, a year when will be releasing our first game since 2010. We will have further details on what we will be releasing soon, but you can be assured they will stay true to our strategy roots, but still keeping up with the latest trends of modern gaming.

For now, if you haven’t got them yet, check out some of our backlog of games that are currently on sale on Steam!

Many thanks for all the support we’ve had since our announcement that we returned. Looking forward to the year ahead!

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Infinite Interactive is proud to return to the game development scene as an independent developer. We have again set up office in Melbourne, Australia and are hard at work at a new game, which will be heavily inspired by our previous hit game, Puzzle Quest. We aim to bring this game to fans at some point in 2013.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about our past games and what’s in store for the future. Feel free to register and post your thoughts in our recently opened Forum.

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